Episode 10: Why it’s scary to be a young man in this country.

Episode 9: Life on the Bayou!

Episode 7: Heartbreak, breakups, relationship breakdowns? Let’s talk about deal makers and deal breakers.

Episode 8: What a difficult conversation about transgender parenting taught us about lives and our relationship

Episode 5: Intimacy Trouble? Do this exercise with your loved one now!

Episode 6: Our experience one the cross country trek with pre-renovated skoolie.

Episode 3: Karaoke in Texas at a Polyamory Meetup!

Episode 4: A Hurricane is on it’s way!

Episode 2: Skoolie + Drive Thru Zoo = BAD IDEA

Episode 1: A Skoolie can go how fast?!

Hope you enjoy seeing our journey as much as we enjoyed living it!

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