Yo Fam!

I’m Jordan Maurice Bowditch.

Not Jordan.

Not Jordan Bowditch.


I grew up half in California, half Ohio - a classic half and halfer with midwest small town roots and Southern California vibes. I lost track with the relatives and friends who housed me through adolescence, which created the chameleon that is me.

I am an example of what happens when a village raises a child.

Moving from Ohio to Orange County my freshman year of high school was quite the culture shock, but once I ditched the Fubu jorts, Lugz boots, Tommy Hilfiger polo, and silver chain (#bling), I settled in nicely.

I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Business Marketing and a masters in #fratlife. You can take da bro out da frat, but you can’t take da frat out da bro.

Forget I said that.

I oftentimes describe myself as the bridge between the esoteric and the generic. The woowoo guru and the tangible YOU. The happy clappy, cumbaya-singing, pie in the sky to the pondering wandering not so average girl and guy.

I love inspiring higher truths through humor and radical authenticity.

I am a lifestyle design coach, social media influencer, event/retreat host and musician.


I facilitate elevated connection by creating safe places to not play it safe. F-uncomfortable? Don’t threaten me with a good time…

I often incorporate bioenergetics, interpersonal polarity, and social magnetism into my work/play.

I am the Co-Founder and COO of a lifestyle brand called MYSTIC MISFIT. This is a BIG part of my mission and #purposework, alongside my older brother and my best friend.

We are The Mystic Misfits.


I am also a biohacker, am-badass-ador and National Edu-tainer for Bulletproof Nutrition.

Alexa and Biggie are great loves in my life, as are Bulletproof Coffee and basketball.

Babe. Biggie. Bulletproof. Basketball. Bus.

These are a few of my favorite things.

With Gratitude,
Jordan Maurice Bowditch

Jordan and Alexa are coaching both singles and couples in areas such as sex, love, relationships, communication, lifestyle by design, keto, health, fitness, and nutrition.