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Alexa, Founder of The Violet Butterfly and the KAleidoscope

My mission is to expand your mind and your consciousness by making you think completely outside the box, in ways you have never thought before especially when it comes to relationships and sexuality.

I come from a very conservative and religious background in the Deep South of America, and if anyone knows what it is like to go through the drama of breaking free from societal and traditional constructs, it is me.

I am a voice for those who have chosen the “alternative route”, those who have a loved one who has chosen to live differently and those who are looking for more ways to gain knowledge and love more.

The life you have is completely in your hands and in your control.

Are you actively choosing how it is unfolding?

About Coaching With Alexa

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Jordan, Co-FoundEr & COO of the Mystic Misfits & am-badass-ador for Bulletproof Nutrition

I’m the co-founder and COO of the Mystic Misfits, a group of spiritual badasses. I love inspiring higher truths through humor and radical authenticity. 

I’m a lifestyle design coach, social media influencer, event/retreat host and musician.

I facilitate elevated connection by creating safe places to not play it safe. F-uncomfortable? Don’t threaten me with a good time…

I often incorporate bioenergetics, interpersonal polarity, and social magnetism into my work/play.

I am the Co-Founder and COO of a lifestyle brand called MYSTIC MISFIT. This is a BIG part of my mission and #purposework, alongside my older brother and my best friend.

How can I help you achieve your highest self?

About Coaching With Jordan

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Jordan & Alexa Together

Together we have created… The Flow Life!

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