Flow Life curates personalized community and connection based immersive experiences in conjunction with major music festival events.

It embodies the movement and culture of doing things with intention to relate to others and honor self.

If you’re looking for the ultimate bridge to an upgraded festival experience, to feel supported, safe, and part of a community of like-minded individuals join Flow Life for the Ultimate Festival Experience!

The Flow Family is headed to Tennessee for Bonnaroo 2019!

One of the highest acclaimed festivals in the United States, Bonnaroo is sure to be an experience like NO OTHER.

It goes without saying that a festival with upwards of 80,000 attendees mostly camping can be a HUGE undertaking for a novice festival goer to navigate.

That's where we come in! :) 

For those of you who desire to attend a major music festival but don't know where to begin preparing, who don't have a connected crew or group of friends to go with, who have attended a festival in the past and didn't have a great experience but are willing to give it another shot, join our tribe, your family (your FLOW family specifically) and let us take care of just about everything for you!

Not only do we provide your accommodation set up and at least one FLOW (fresh, local, organic, wholesome) meal and one snack per day. We also provide a slew of other curated activities within our group camp space, a Flow Life festival essentials swag bag (including Flow Glow biodegradable glitter!), and most importantly a community you can rely on, who will be there for you whenever you need them.

A family of people grounded in love and intention with a safe space allocated whenever you need it.

Deciding to join the Flow Family is truly an upgraded, totally transformative festival experience.

Need someone to process something with?

A friend to talk to?

A play partner?

Want to know that whatever act you want to see, you will have a Flow Life flag flying high above the crowd with your tribe waiting for you to join just underneath it?

You don't have to worry about searching for a ticket, finding a group of people to go with, waiting for them all to confirm, budgeting for the food, gas, camping materials, lugging all the materials around or setting it up all by yourself. 

You won't have to worry about the planning AT ALL.
We will do the majority of it for you, for our tribe, because we love you :) 

All you get to do is say YES you'll join us, reserve your spot, book your flight, give some personal details and we will curate a festival experience you could only dream of!

Oh yeah…we forgot to mention, you'll 100% get glittered and more than likely drive around in a converted short bus named Florence (Flow for short ;) ) affectionately called the festival vessel! Also, bulletproof coffee optional but recommended! 

If you are a HEAVEN yes…

Because tickets to the festival go up in price the closer we get to the festival time, so do reservations to join the Flow Life tribe for the event.

Right now there are only a few early bird spots available before the pricing goes up!

You can reserve your early bird spot now! 

Because we love you. <3

Because we’ve got your back and we’ve got you covered.

Any and everything you could possibly think of wanting during a festival experience, we’ve thought of it and we have it accessible to you.

We do all of the planning for you.

We consider your meals.

We want to take as much of the ‘work’ out of the doing as we can for you so that you can spend as much time living the experience and making new lifelong connections with the rest of your flow family. Does that mean you won’t be put to work? Not at all! That just means that there is a plan associated with the work and that the materials are all laid out with instructions for you!

Because festivals create an environment where there is a lot of potential for connection and meeting people, but only for certain types of people.

If you are not the type of person to go out of your way to meet others or if making connections does not come easily for you, then having a well-rounded, fulfilling experience at a festival may not happen for you.

Also, festivals (especially camping festivals) take a lot of planning, effort and intention in order to be truly fulfilling. If you do not research and preplan for your festival experience you may wind up missing out on essential items which can majorly impact your time as well.

Coming to a festival with the Flow Life takes care of all the planning so that you have the opportunity to fully step into the unique festival container created by your tribe.

  • Your ticket and GA entry to the festival

  • Your camping accommodation

    • You’ll either be staying on Flow, the festival vessel or in a tent on our Flow Life designated camping area.

    • We bring the tent, sleeping bags, pillows and any blankets you may need.

      • If you have specific needs or desires outside of what is provided, let us know and we will let you know. We will do our best to accommodate! 

  • Food - FLOW style -> Fresh, Local, Organic, Wholesome

    • One meal and one snack will be provided at the Flow Life camp each day

      • Gluten, dairy, sugar free? Paleo? Keto? We got you ;)

      • Fresh Bulletproof Coffee brewed and blended daily

      • All the superfoods, adaptogens and other buzz words you can imagine!

  • Flow Life featured festival enhancements

    • Breathwork, guided meditation, cacao ceremony, yoga, authentic relating, freestyle flowing, psychedelic education and beyond.